News Articles

This page contains a compilation of online publications of activities I was involved in or currently involved.

USAP Forum 2015 in┬áBryn Mawr, PA – facilitated discussions on science, technology and engineering among other small tasks. Read more

The use of cold-climate heat pumps in Concord, MA – I researched heat pumps for use in Concord, MA. Read article and project write-up.

River Hawk Tutors – I started this website to better serve my clients. Read more

Tour Tufts University (Featuring Jonah) – by staff photographer. Read more

Back to school: From rural Africa to the Ivy League by Scot Baldauf- Read more

3D Printing Cupcake Frosting – My club hosted a cupcake frosting design and 3D printing workshop. Read more

Tufts Robotics Club – I am a member of the Tufts Robotics Club. Read more..

Tufts Daily – Sixth Tufts Energy Conference draws high-power speakers. Read more…

Tufts Roundtable Commons – TEC Energy Challenge Winners Announced!. Read More..

Tufts School of Engineering – On Fire: Robotics Club Participates in Firefighting Competition. Read more…

Tufts Energy Challenge – Tufts Energy Challenge semi-finalists. Read More…