Fire-Fighting Robots

The goal of the robot is to navigate through a maze and search for and extinguish a burning candle which can be located in any part of the maze. This design is equipped with infra-red sensors to detect obstacles, wheel encoders to measure distance and speed, infra-red temperature sensor to detect the candle and line sensors to detect changes of floor color.

My team and I developed two robots for this competition. The development pages for the robots are here.


Precipitating Pachyderm successfully navigated the maze and extinguished the candle 2 out of 3 trials. As a result it achieved position 8 out of 41. JumboShrimp successfully navigated the maze twice during the competition, but because of IR sensor(“candle sensor”) problems it did not detect nor extinguish the candle in both trials. A video of one trial is shown above.

Club project – Tufts Robotics Club
Time line Spring 2010 – Present
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