Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition Software.

Data Acquisition Software.

I cannot talk in greater detail about this project because it was a summer project for a Lab at Tufts. However, the general idea is that I designed a data acquisition system that collects data from camera, GPS, Laser and gyroscope sensors.

In an individual project, I put together a simple code that takes pictures using LabVIEW. The beauty of the program is that the user does not need to input file names for the pictures individually; (1) he or she selects the a folder to store all the pictures, (2) types one prefix that is used for all pictures, and (3) the program appends a unique number (in the order in which the pictures are taken) . Also the user can type notes about each image at run-time. The notes are saved in notes.txt file in the main folder.

Download here.


I used this program to take several pictures that I later used to calibrate my digital cameras. To calibrate the cameras, I used the MATLAB Camera Calibration toolbox . It takes between 3 to several pictures (from the same camera) to find the external and internal parameters of a camera: namely, skew angle, pitch angle, roll angle, principal point, translation vector, focal length, and field of view.


Individual project
Time line Summer 2010