Grape Trellis

CAD rendering of grape trellis

CAD rendering of my grape trellis design

I designed and constructed this grape trellis for my sister using some left-over wood around the house. At the time of construction, I quickly sketched the design to match the available materials.

Latter on, I put together CAD drawings to help those who wish to design and build a similar grape trellis structure. Note, the final structure I built is different from my CAD drawing; I was limited by the available materials.

Have fun !!!

I recommend the following steps:

  1. Prepare construction material
    1. 2.5-inch wood screws and nails
    2. outdoor vanish/paint – anything mildew- / weather-resistant vanish should work fine
    3. paint brushes
    4. wood as shown in the drawing or equivalent
    5. corner braces
  2. Prepare tools
    1. electric drill + drill bit
    2. digging bar
    3. measuring tape
    4. saw
    5. hammer
  3. Cut wood to specifications – I have suggestions in the drawing.
  4. Assemble the structure using :
    1. wood screws for load-bearing joints
    2. [optional] nails for non-load-bearing joints
  5. Paint the structure using weather-resistant paint
    1. treat wood posts with wood preservatives
  6. Install the structure:
    1. dig at least 1 – 2 ft deep holes
    2. make sure the structure is mechanically stable; remember, wind, kids, animals, etc may pose large loads
  7. Document your approach and help the next person…

Drawing of the grape trellis. Done in AutoCAD Inventor Professional 2016.

Drawing of the grape trellis. Drawn in AutoCAD Inventor Professional 2016.

Download .pdf of the drawing





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